Milk & Cookies Kids Mismatched Food Socks

Milk & Cookies Kids Mismatched Food Socks

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Designed by artist Michelle Romo, Milk and Cookies Pals Socks is a favorite classic food pairing. In fact, dunking cookies into milk is scientifically designed to be delicious! (Hint-both have a chemical additives, emulsifiers). We are SO happy they came together to create tastebud magic. These are standard weight spring socks with non-skid grips on the bottom.

Sizing by general foot size to age ratio, since Pals are stretchy tube socks!

Ages 1-3 Ages 4-8

Features: – Each pair comes with a collectible PalsCard – Youth Sizes Have No-Skid Grips for Safety – No Holes Forever – Guaranteed! (or we replace them for free!)